We are in the midst of a prolonged drought here in England, nothing like what you experience in other parts of the world, of course, but unusual for us.
Another problem in the orchid bathroom is that I am waiting for hinges to be replaced on a window, so I am unable to open it at present.
Most of the orchids have lost their flowers now so I am showing an earlier picture.
The one orchid still not growing well is one of the twins, which developed a tiny leaf some time ago and at the moment does not seem to be growing any bigger?
I will continue with my growth regime however as the others seem pretty good.
Given time I am sure that it will fully recover.
I am going to re – pot one of the orchids soon as it is several years old and has not had a change of pot as yet.

I hope that your orchid growing is going from strength to strength and that you are still enjoying the experience !