My name is David Robinson and I now work as a writer and painter. There are examples of my work at
In a previous ‘incarnation’ before contracting ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) I worked as a Senior Laboratory Technologist in the universities of Sheffield and Bristol, mainly in the life sciences, starting in Surgery and ending up in Molecular Biology. During this time I qualified as a pro photographer LBIPP. I also played for years in Pro and semi Pro rock and blues bands. During my career I played in two dozen bands the most famous being ‘Champion Jack Dupree’s backing band ‘Premonition’ and also Bristol based band ‘Essential Bop’, (googling these will give plenty of info).
I write for ‘Psychic World’ having written for Psychic Press magazines for more than twenty years ( I wrote initially for ‘Here and There’ and ‘Two Worlds’). I help to run the Clevedon Writers Group ‘Writers Meet’ and also ran groups in Bristol, ‘Cloister Writers’ and ‘Claptrap’ for several years.
I paint in a variety of media, specialising in oils, and paint commissions in any subject required.
In recent months I have learned to paint ‘with nothing on nowhere’ (painting with a finger on the ipad).

In 2012 I started to use a special stylus which gives more control, although it is still quite wide,
and have now mastered it to the degree of doing ‘photorealistic’ work with HD quality.
I am quite keen to make oil painting a more healthy pursuit by using less toxic brush cleaners and painting media which hopefully do a lot less damage to the environment as well.

‘Thesnakeblog’ centres around painting, photography and travel, whereas ‘bokslog’ is more quirky, telling of an alien life form, a shapeshifter, sent to earth to keep his eye on the human race.

Most of the blogs are suitable to read to children too, though it is worth reading them through first to make sure that you are happy with this.

I have learned to play several instruments since I stopped performing with the bass guitar, and use them as vehicles for my song writing and I am learning to perform these songs with my Wife Wendy and a group of friends. (Listen to EP ‘Zummerzetting’ on I Tunes also single ‘ The Failand Tractor Racer’).
In my spare time I go to Clevedon Spiritualist Church, and any other religious service, and am very active keeping the local river flowing and free of junk, with Clevedon’s Land Yeo Friends.