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My eight phalaenopsis orchids are looking quite healthy with shiny green leaves and at the moment are all but one, producing flower spikes, with two spikes on a couple of them.
The oldest pink orchid is already in bloom with twelve flowers on one of its spikes (shown in picture), it’s other spike will have a similar number of blooms.
There is just one of the miniature ‘twins’ still not showing sign of flowering, but managing to produce some small healthy looking leaves – I will persevere knowing that it will flower again eventually.
The two keikis which I removed, one from a full size plant and the other from a miniature have both produced healthy mature plants now, both showing new signs of flowering.
I have maintained my original weekly routine using the same fertiliser and leaf spray throughout.
Have a wonderful festive season of Christmas and New Year.


It is a long time since I talked about Digital Finger Painting, on the iPad. I have done quite a lot more since the last blog that included it in August 2012.

   I am still finding the technique very valuable, and whilst not everything is as easy as working in more conventional media, it is extremely useful to try things out.

   Working with fine lines is the most difficult aspect from my own point of view, but that may be because I do not work exclusively with the iPad and therefore do not get practice painting with it every day.

   It is especially good to see the effect of painting on a high resolution, HD screen, the colours are magnificent and therefore always look so much more impressive than prints.

   Butterflies, birds and flowers are ideal subjects, and if you use a good App like ‘Procreate’, for example, there is no end to the effects that you can produce, providing of course that you have the time to experiment. I have started to use a stylus now, but unfortunately it is still quite difficult to put detail in the right place.

    As well as doing quite detailed work as shown below, the iPad is great, if a little expensive to use as an easily erasable sketch book too!

Polly 2012-12-13 (17.31.40-277)Girl From Carmel. 2012-09-09 (12.17.24-484)RobinWild and FreeSmall Tortoisehell on BuddleiaAdmiralpainted lady

Starting to paint a Comma butterfly. (can you name the others?)

Starting to paint a Comma butterfly.
(can you name the others?)