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As you can see from the picture there is a total of seven flowers now and they are on just two plants. The oldest plant has already sent out a new flower spike, a few are about to lose leaves and the slow-growing ‘twin’ does not seem to be thriving, although I have not given up yet.

The third really large plant which I received from a neighbour, (on the right of the sink) still has two flowers, when they have gone I will re-pot the plant in a slightly larger pot.

Apart from this I will continue the same regime as always with a slight difference,- I may immerse the suffering ‘twin’ in a container of rainwater for half an hourĀ  once a week, on a Wednesday, between my usual Saturday water and feed.



The largest orchid which is eight years old now is still in flower and I thought I would present a large picture of this to get a good idea of how well they grow under my growth conditions.
IMG_1978 The spotted one is six years old and as well as continuing to flower on one spike , it now has an almost fully developed, second flower spike.
IMG_1980The ‘twins’ which are miniature phalaenopsis orchids are only just over a year old and have already had two flower spikes crammed with flowers.
IMG_1981The Keiki which I took from the spotted orchid plant is still growing a root system so the flower spike is growing very slowly.

I took a close up to show this clearly.
IMG_1979Finally the other miniature orchid (1 year old) still sports some blooms, though many have now died back.

Six month old flowers

Six month old flowers


Brand new flower.

It was quite a difficult decision to re pot the pink-mauve orchid as it was my oldest plant and was still in flower. However in the end I did, and lost some flowers, although the new flower spike survived alright as did a couple of the old flowers. The plant is settling down again now and the new flowers are starting to come out. The only difference in the two lots of flowers is that the old ones are paler, probably due to fading.
Orchids are a great deal tougher than we think! The only real difference, as you can see, the older flowers are faded.

New Miniature

New Miniature

The miniature butterfly orchid has produced a couple of new flowers, these are a much darker purple, and do not have as broad a white border. I reckon the new flowers are bigger too, so I must be doing something right?
The other flower (right) is one of the older ones which all have pronounced white borders, and some have died , and been removed (3).
The spotted orchid has also lost its three earliest flowers too, but is still looking pretty healthy.
The pinky/mauve one has lost two flowers up to now, and is fast fading, most flowers are a very pale pink now. In spite of its three flower spikes a new one is growing, and this is already about five centimetres long.
I am still following the same regime, and am now wondering whether I might have to re pot this pink orchid whilst still flowering. Next instalment all being well, at the end of July.

Old Flower