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In a clockwise direction starting from the left we have the original orchid whose flowers are getting quite old, although a new bud can be seen on the right. The ‘Flare Spots’ keiki is next with its new flowers, next is the original ‘Flare Spots’, followed by the single miniature keiki. The single miniature is next and the twin miniature with the other full size phal in the last place. The only orchid still not ready for flowering is the other twin which has healthy well-developed leaves but no flower spikes as yet.

My growing conditions are still exactly the same, and I am confident that the eighth orchid will soon be flowering again.



I have removed the keiki with sterilised secateurs (plant on left) and re-planted it as shown (the parent plant is below). I decided to remove it when it had three strong leaves, three viable roots and even what look like flower spikes. I am so impressed with the way that my orchids thrive, that I am going to continue with the same regime for the new plantlet.

I have also left the stem on which the keiki grew as I have a feeling that it may at some stage produce flowers. Watch this space!
The other plants continue to grow new flowers and many of the old ones are withering and falling off. However all plants still have a good array of blooms.

Miniature phalaenopsis


Here in early May there is a profusion of flowers on all the orchids, but I decided to include one of the miniatures which has arranged itself wonderfully. As you probably already know my orchids are left to do their own thing within reason.
The other item of interest is that after all this time the Keiki developing on the spotted phalaenopsis is starting to produce roots. I reckon it needs to develop more and for the attachment stem to start to degenerate, before I remove it and grow it on as a new spotted orchid plant.

Root developing on Keiki.

Root developing on Keiki.