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It is already early November and the majority of  my orchids are either flowering or have well-developed flower spikes. The exceptions are the twins which have been slow to grow since their last re-potting and also the keikis from the ‘Flare Spots’ orchid and the other phal miniature which is now producing another keiki (shown in first picture). The second picture is of the previous keiki produced by this orchid earlier (no flower as yet).


Things are mixed with the orchids here in January. The miniature ‘twins! have refused to behave as such now, one is about to flower, whereas the other has shown no signs of flowering for several months.

The single miniature has a new flower spike and has lost all the flowers from the old one. The keiki which is still attached is now producing a flower spike too.

The oldest pink orchid still has a good display of blooms and the original ‘flare spots’ has lost its flowers, whilst it’s detached keiki is still in flower.

The other large phal still has two flowering spikes.

I thought it was a good idea to show you the foliage of all the orchids clearly and also a shot of the roots through a clear pot, in order to show the exceptional greenness throughout.

This month sees the appearance of what may be a keiki on the single miniature orchid.

This phalaenopsis orchid grows small leaves all the way up flower spikes anyway, – so it may turn out to be just a new flower spike, surrounded by small leaves – watch this space?

Most of my orchids are in flower now with the exception of the ‘twin’ miniatures who are taking a well earned rest.

The largest orchid which is eight years old now is still in flower and I thought I would present a large picture of this to get a good idea of how well they grow under my growth conditions.
IMG_1978 The spotted one is six years old and as well as continuing to flower on one spike , it now has an almost fully developed, second flower spike.
IMG_1980The ‘twins’ which are miniature phalaenopsis orchids are only just over a year old and have already had two flower spikes crammed with flowers.
IMG_1981The Keiki which I took from the spotted orchid plant is still growing a root system so the flower spike is growing very slowly.

I took a close up to show this clearly.
IMG_1979Finally the other miniature orchid (1 year old) still sports some blooms, though many have now died back.