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Considering the weather that we have had up to now this year my orchids have fared quite well. I have recently re-potted one of the larger phalaenopsis orchids (the one on the right of the group). I have shown this one as a separate picture. Strangely this is the only one with a flower at present.
The ‘twin’ miniature phal is still growing very slowly but I have upped its moisture intake by carefully spraying the surface media every day to see if it improves.



It is very heartening to see all but one of the phalaenopsis orchids blooming.
There are signs that the one miniature that has not bloomed for some time may be starting to grow.
This time I have included another orchid blooming in its natural state, attached to a tree in the Tropical Biome in the Eden Project at Bodelva in Cornwall.
It is important that we try to get as close to these conditions as we possibly can when attempting to grow these beautiful plants.
My growth conditions are outlined in full in many of my blogs. I have kept these conditions throughout the time that I have grown orchids and the only changes that I have made has been re-potting when really needed. They do benefit for a time from being slightly pot bound.
I hope that you continue to grow and derive pleasure from these beautiful plants.

It is the 29th of August 2015 and the orchids seem to be growing quite well.
The pink one which is over eight years old is still growing new flowers on the old stems.
The other large spotted orchid which is called ‘Flare Spots’,
still has two flowers on the old spike and now has a new spike which will eventually have at least ten new flowers.
The twin plants now have developing flower spikes too, and the single miniature is losing its flowers with just one left.
The keiki from ‘Flare Spots’ now has a better root system, but the flower spike seems to be’holding back’ and not showing any new growth, possibly still developing roots.
I still feel that my growth conditions seem close to optimum for these species.